Why Kangaroot?



37 varieties of Hardy Eucalyptus Trees grown in the UK by the team at Grafton Nursery.


Our AWARD WINNING Eucalyptus are currently available in four sizes - ranging between a small root trainer module (ideal for hedging and grow your own firewood) to the much larger 20 litre instant tree.

Why are they called 'Kangaroots'?

 Historically, Eucalyptus Trees have a reputation for not being very hardy!  Until relatively recently it was not understood how the provenance of the seed affected the hardiness of the mature tree.  Eucalyptus are one of the few plant families where the hardiness of the off-spring is dependant not only on the species, but also on the hardiness and geographical location of the parent plant.  So, for example, if you collect seed from a Eucalyptus gunnii growing on the edge of the desert, the plants produced are unlikley to survive our British winters. However, seed of Eucalyptus gunnii collected from trees high in the mountains near the snow line, will be extremely hardy and will usually survive a typical British winter.

Within the horticultural industry, seed may be collected from the mid-way zone, where the seedlings will be reasonably hardy, until we have an unusually cold winter and then these trees will most likely die.  This may be 1 year in 20 and the trees will be very large by then.

To ensure that our plants have the best possible chance of surviving British winters,  all our seed is specifically collected from the highest altitudes, the coldest zones and New Zealand naturalised local land races.

Another challenge with Eucalyptus is the speed at which they grow.  When grown in a conventional round nursery plastic pot, even at just 3 months old, the roots will have grown so much that they will have formed a spiral root system.  When planted out in the ground, the tree may well grow quite happily, but the spiral root system will still be present and the tree will be a liability.  Even a beautiful, mature Eucalyptus (of between 15 and 30 years old) can be blown over by strong winds, because of a spiral root system formed as a young plant.  

At Grafton Nursery, we produce all our Eucalyptus trees in Air-pots. These revolutionary pots were developed in Australia to overcome this problem and are now manufactured in Scotland from recycled waste plastics. Trees grown in Air-pots have a radial root system.  When planted out, the tree continues to grow a proper root system, which establishes quickly into the surrounding soil and is capable of supporting a large and stable, mature specimen.

Finally, our growing practices at Grafton produce tough Eucalyptus with strong trunks and robust foliage.

So a 'Kangaroot tree' is a Garden Hardy Eucalyptus, grown in a particular way at Grafton Nursery in an air-pot, in specialist compost and with a proper, radial root system.  It is our Brand name for this method of production.


RHS Silver Gilt Medal  & Most Creative Exhibit in the Floral Marquee at the Three Counties Garden Show 2012

RHS Gold Medal for our Eucalyptus display at the NEC Birmingham, Gardener's World Live 2012.


As featured on Gardeners' Question Time on BBC Radio 4, Summer 2012!








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